We help to build new futures for young people at risk of being excluded from education or who don’t have a mainstream education place; for those at risk of offending, or newly arrived to the country and for young people with learning difficulties.

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We start by enabling them to face and tackle
head on the issues that have held them back.

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Then we provide them with opportunities to gain the skills and qualifications they’ll need to find employment later on.

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Finally, we encourage them to give something back.
To experience what it means to be a good citizen and to make a difference to the world around them.

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It’s tough out there for young people today. They live in an increasingly complex and challenging world, where abundant choice and opportunity go hand in hand with unprecedented levels of uncertainty and risk.

Despite the increasing range of challenges facing numbers of young people in today’s society, support for youth services continue to be cut. There hasn’t been a national youth strategy since 2011 and young people are frequently portrayed negatively in the press.

Organisations like Endeavour play a key role in catching and supporting these young people who fall through the net of statutory provision. Our work is essential for helping young people develop the confidence, resilience and skills they need to navigate their futures.