Top Team Building Activities No.1

22 Aug 2019

Thanks for joining us as we have finally got to our number one spot. Patricks top pick activity for team building is Spaghetti Tower. Check out the information below to find out what you need to take part in this great, fun activity.

Spaghetti Towers
How it’s done:
– Groups use spaghetti and marshmallows, whichever way they feel best, to build the tallest self-supporting structure, in a defined time
– There is also the possibility of a progression step, with the option of turning the tower into a bridge, testing if it is able to support a cup of water

– Teamwork. Participants must not only share ideas, but also listen to other people’s thoughts and compromising to come up with a plan.
– It encourages personal tenacity. Dealing with failure can be frustrating, but encouraging perseverance to succeed is useful in learning to not give up.
– Reviewing and analysis skills. Once the task is complete, you can review what went well and what could be improved next time.
– Planning.  After reviewing, participants can use what happened last time as a basis to plan an improved tower next time. This can be a good test to assess learning progress.

– Dealing with frustrating
– Overcoming communication issues (young people can find it difficult to share information and listen)

– We once had a group build a self-supporting 7 foot tower!

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