Top Team Building Activities No.2

16 Aug 2019

We are down to our final top 2 team games. Coming in at number 2 is Nail Balance:

Nail Balance
How it’s done:
– Participants must balance 12 nails on top of 1 vertically standing nail
– The nails are not allowed to touch the ground, other than the one vertical nail

– Lateral thinking
– Learning to be calm and rational in stressful situations. The task allows people to come back to it at a later time with a refreshed mind.
– The experience of success. This is something which many of our learners may not have had the opportunity to experience often.

– Problem solving
– Remaining calm in thought, as one steps away from the task once grown too frustrated, to return to the challenge later

– Seeing happiness as the team discover the answer without giving up

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