Top Team Building Activities No.3

09 Aug 2019

This week we move away from parachute games and onto hoop pass:

3. Hoop Pass
How it’s done:
– Groups stand in a circle holding hands
– A hoop is placed on a person’s hand at any point in the circle of people
– The group must pass the hoop around the circle back to where it was initially placed without breaking the chain (without removing from holding hands)
– Once the group becomes adept, more hoops can be added and you can race!

– Breaking down social barriers e.g. holding hands
– Social development, as people from different backgrounds working together
– Helps people to stop worrying about appearance and being self-conscious
– It is a good leveller as everyone finds it challenging!

– Young people may feel insecure about holding hands, but the fact that all participants are doing so relieves anxiety or embarrassment of the situation as people realise this is not as big a deal as they may think
– On-the-spot thinking, as participants address something going wrong to think of new tactics to achieve success

– The groups always find this activity amusing. It is good light-hearted team fun watching people’s attempts can be entertaining!
– It provides an opportunity to find humour in some attempts, but also praise each other’s success once a solution has been found

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