Top Team Building Activities No.4

01 Aug 2019

Last week we looked Spiders web and today we go onto our number 4, Parachute Games:

4. Parachute Games
How it’s done:
– There are a variety of possible scenarios, but for all of these, everyone must stand in a circle holding the edge of a big parachute
– People holding the edge must make “waves” with the material, allowing for people to run underneath it
– One game is “Fruit Salad”, in which players are each allocated a fruit. When that fruit is called out, they must swap places by running underneath the parachute waves.

– Learn cooperation skills in a fun and dynamic way
– Physical exercise!
– Personal development. Shy people can sometimes overcome barriers and realise that they can enjoy themselves in a new way.
– It is versatile so you can adjust it according to who is participating
– The versatility also allows for progression of activities within one session

– Communication. Players must cooperate by speaking to each other, sometimes quite loudly as to ensure people can hear them over the noise of the waves.
– Young people must put their mobile phones away!

– Young people who are often reserved and anxious regarding social situations have on multiple occasions been able to let their guard down

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