Top Team Building Activities No.5

23 Jul 2019

At Endeavour we run team building activity sessions, focussing primarily on aiding the personal development of our young people. However partners and voluntary groups also benefit from sessions here, as they are able to come away with an awareness of why we do these activities with young people – skills and knowledge which they can then apply themselves. The events are always great fun and help as a bonding activity in creating stronger relationships between partners.

Head of Education, Patrick Callingham, who leads the sessions, has kindly offered his top 5 team building activities. We will be sharing one each week throughout the summer. Here is starting with number 5:

Spiders Web

How it’s done:
– Using a human-size structure of a spiders web containing different holes in the web, teams of must work out how to get through the web without alerting the spider to their passing
– Once a team member has gone through a hole, no other team member is able to use that same hole
– The task is successfully completed once all team members have passed through the web, each using different gaps in the web

– Planning skills are enhanced, as groups must use foresight to plan an order for people to go through the web based on size and placement of the different holes combined with an awareness of people’s attributes and abilities
– Much like the Spaghetti Towers activity, this challenge is good for reviewing performance and learning how to improve for future attempts

– Effectively cooperating with view of what aspects of a designated plan may cause difficulty in practice

– A particular stand out for Patrick, was an occasion in which an Education Centre learner who often caused disruption, made a sensible and positive contribution
– The team listened to his thoughts, which allowed him to interact in a new way, enabling him to make a positive impact

If you work for an organisation which may benefit from one of our teambuilding activity days, contact Patrick Callingham at

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