Mohammed Uzaifa with some of his Apprenticship certificates

Case Study: Mohammed’s Story

07 Mar 2019

Mohammed Uzaifa, who attended the Endeavour Education Centre in 2015/16 will soon start working for a large national bank, having completed an Apprenticeship. He recently returned to Endeavour to tell his story to Ruth McIntosh – Brand Storyteller.

Mohammed’s journey, from Endeavour to Employment

Before he came to Endeavour Mohammed Uzaifa completed Year 8 at a nearby school, but family issues then meant that he had to go home to Pakistan. When he returned to the UK, he was half way through Year 11; going back to school would have been incredibly difficult and he was referred to the Endeavour Education Centre.

Mohammed says that coming to Endeavour was the greatest choice he has ever made. He said that at Endeavour, if he ever had a problem, he would not even have had to raise his hand as there always be would be a member of staff to help. In addition to missing some years at school, Mohammed was also late born in his year as his birthday is in August.

Memories of Endeavour

His favourite memory of Endeavour was being in lessons with a small group, working together, playing table tennis and winning the table tennis tournament! Mohammed believes that it is people who make a place special. He made a lot of new friends at Endeavour who he is still in contact with. He enjoyed the trips, camping, football on a Thursday, gardening and other activities involving stepping outside of his comfort zone involving getting outdoors and doing other things that he wouldn’t have the opportunity to do in other learning environments.

Next Steps

When Mohammed finished at Endeavour he went to Longley Park College for a year to re-take his English and Maths and passed both.


He started to look for apprenticeships and applied for thirty places. He got five interviews and passed two which were both for the same company. In the next two weeks he will have completed his apprenticeship.

Success and Employment

Mohammed will soon start working for large national bank as a Cloud Trainee. He is still planning for the future and hopes to invest in buying a house with his brother within the next two or three years.

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