Volunteering Gives Bradley a BOOST

01 Jun 2018

For the past few months, Bradley, a 21 year old participant of  Endeavour’s BOOST programme, has been doing voluntary gardening work at Endeavour. Bradley’s proactive attitude shows great eagerness and positivity, taking it upon himself to help improve our premises.

BOOST SY2 is a project fully funded by the Big Lottery Fund, for 18-25 year olds with mild to moderate learning difficulties. Its focus is on boosting confidence and self-esteem through adventurous activities, whilst also developing employability skills through social action and enterprise, preparing them for the world of work.

Bradley is currently on a supported internship programme (SIP) with a Sheaf Training, a local training provider, which focuses on getting participants work ready. BOOST assists Sheaf Training by enhancing participants’ employability skills at an early stage of the programme, through team building exercises and adventurous activities.

Bradley’s willingness and ability in pursuing voluntary gardening work shows a fantastic progression in his character. He has built upon newfound skills, acquired from the BOOST project and has used them in a real world situation. The experience also goes towards the completion of an ASDAN Workright qualification.

Bradley took some time to tell us of his Endeavour experience.

“I find gardening really relaxing and meeting new people around the Endeavour building has made me more confident. I feel like it iss a nice place to be.” He jokingly added that he “liked bossing Ellie (Sheaf Training project worker) around”.

Bradley, ever inquisitive, enjoyed learning new things during his time here, notably from our Head of Education, Patrick Callingham. “Patrick would always tell us interesting information, for example the weed Ground Elder was brought over by the Romans and is a relative of the carrot family.”

On discussing the BOOST Project, Bradley told of the rewarding nature of the course. “I hadn’t done any of these types of activities in a long time, and I really enjoyed them”.

“I would recommend the BOOST Project to others” says Bradley, whilst issuing a warning in jest “to anyone thinking of joining, that if Nicola or Ian ask if you want a fleece or a coat, take it because it gets cold!”

For details of how to get involved with the BOOST project, or to find out more information, contact Nicola Lane on 07734 855650, or Ian Eccles on 07813 934264.

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