Duke of Edinburgh’s for All

04 Apr 2018

Endeavour has recently gained a licence to deliver the Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) Award thanks to funding from The Queen’s Trust. This means Endeavour learners will now have the opportunity to work towards this nationally recognised accreditation which supports personal development and real-world social action.

Sections of the DofE include Physical (sports and activities), Expedition (planning, training and completing an adventurous journey), Skills (practical and social skills) and Volunteering (making a difference), all of which are in line with Endeavour’s key strands of Personal Development, Education and Social Action.

Our rich history of using the outdoors and working with young people means our qualified staff are well placed to deliver the DofE and to engage learners in experiences outside of their comfort zone. Due to the nature of the young people we work with, we will offer a tailored approach which will be more guided and broken down into easily achievable aims.

As the cost of equipment can also be a barrier, we will offer the DofE to marginalised young people at either no cost, or as low a cost as possible, with all equipment provided by Endeavour.

The licence also provides Endeavour delivery staff an opportunity to develop their expertise as all delivery staff will be trained as DofE leaders, expedition supervisors and expedition assessors, enabling us to run all aspects of the DofE scheme without outsourcing.

Endeavour Project Worker Ian Eccles said: “This is a brilliant opportunity for Endeavour to engage marginalised young people in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and get them involved in new experiences. The DofE Award is looked upon favourably in terms of applications for future jobs or further education, so by supporting them to work towards this accreditation we are enabling them to achieve their full potential. We can’t wait to get started!”

For more information on the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, visit https://www.dofe.org/

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