University Aspirations of Endeavour Graduate

21 Nov 2017

Prior to joining Endeavour, Kate had spent the majority of her previous four years confined to her bedroom due to increasing anxiety and low self-esteem around education and being able to achieve. Restricted to minimal social exposure, she took a great step out of her comfort zone when joining us for classes and various other team activities.

This restrictive lifestyle led Kate to a history of truancy, leaving significant gaps in knowledge and education. Educational gaps and a lack of socialising meant that Kate was especially quiet on joining us.

To address Kate’s discomfort, our Education Centre did its utmost to create a safe and nurturing environment for her to prosper in. Beginning with working in small groups, our staff eased her through a transition period. Throughout this period Kate grew considerably in confidence and enthusiasm both educationally and socially. She excelled in class but also formed friendships with our other learners, and eventually went on to achieve GCSEs before progressing into college at a local sixth form.

Kate returned to Endeavour in summer 2017 on a project run in partnership with Higher Education Progression Partnership South Yorkshire plus (HEPPSY+), aimed at widening participation in higher education, especially for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Kate joined the 2017 programme with an ambition to study business studies at University but did not believe that it was something she was able to do. However, thanks to the project, she now has University aspirations and says: “When we visited York St John University I realised that I could do it” she said, adding that “it is a small university which will help me build on the skills and confidence I learned at Endeavour”.

Kate’s determination and success in overcoming barriers epitomises exactly what Endeavour represents. To find out more about Kate’s story or similar journeys of other successes, or for information of how to get involved in helping other young people like Kate, please contact Patrick Callingham at 07778 502 918.

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