30 Oct 2017

Vince, 16, has recently left Endeavour after a hugely positive and successful two years with us.

Prior to joining us and attending at the Endeavour Education Centre, Vince had a chaotic childhood with little formal education, as well as having unidentified special educational needs. Vince displayed some very challenging behaviours, most notably making inappropriate comments at inappropriate times and out of the context of the session or scenario.

But since his arrival at Endeavour, Vince has had great success. We enabled an Educational Healthcare (EHC) plan to support Vince’s educational progress and worked in partnership with other professionals in health care and education to provide the therapeutic and psychological input needed.

On top of notable advancements and achievements academically during his time at Endeavour, Vince has demonstrated remarkable progress regarding his personal development. He has shown this through building fantastic relationships not only with his peers, but also with his carers, wider family and the Endeavour staff.

Vince now has multiple GCSEs as well as passing level two functional skills. This has enabled him to successfully transition to post-16 education at Sheffield College, where he is currently studying public services.

Vince’s carer says “as a result of his time at Endeavour Vince has developed an on-going interest in the outdoors and physical challenge as well as commitment to learning”.

Vince’s journey from a volatile young person to a person of reason and understanding is one of tremendous personal achievement and is something for him to be extremely proud of. Experience of successfully overcoming adversity will embolden Vince to go on and achieve further success.

Vince is just one of around 50 learners that attended the Endeavour Education Centre in 2016/17, who came to us for a variety of reasons. To learn more about our education work visit:

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