Caving Conquest: Conquered.

26 Sep 2017

After a big day of work, some the Endeavour team headed for the Peak District for an evening of caving. Patrick, Hannah, Ian, Jacob and guest caver John, all got geared up at Endeavour HQ, with their sights set on conquering the infamous Giant’s Hole.

We at Endeavour believe that collaboration is important in gaining a greater affinity and understanding with others. Whether it is our learners, or our staff, we strive to put an emphasis on working together, something which team development exercises such as this encompass.

Once we arrived at the cave, aspiring caving instructor, and BOOST project worker, Ian Eccles, took upon the role of lead guide. With their trust placed in the capable guidance of Ian, the team of mixed ability cavers, from novices to well experienced, entered the unknown.

By the end of the evening, our cavers had overcome a diverse range of challenges. They clambered through narrow gaps, trenched through underground streams, and climbed up vertical rock structures using ropes.

Ian successfully guided the team safely out of Giant’s Hole with team morale high. As well as aiding staff development and morale, the excursion provided Ian with experience for taking out future caving groups in a professional realm.

Curriculum manager, Hannah Shaw, drew parallels between this experience and the experiences which our learners face on Endeavour day trips. Hannah said that “the trip enabled staff to experience what it is like to go out of your comfort zone”, adding that “personally getting involved in new activities helps you see things from perspective of a young person”.

If anybody knows a young person who could benefit from events such as this or if you wish to volunteer for events like this, contact Patrick Callingham at 07778 502 918 or at

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