Volunteer Profile: Martin Barber

19 Apr 2017

Martin, 22, has been a volunteer mentor of our BOOST project team for three months. Once, a participant on the course, Martin is now a highly regarded member of the team, playing an important role in development and support.

BOOST SY2 is a project fully funded by the Big Lottery Fund, for 18-25 year olds with mild to moderate learning difficulties. Its focus is on boosting confidence and self-esteem through adventurous activities, whilst also developing employability skills through social action and enterprise, preparing them for the world of work.

Through both course participation and volunteer mentoring, Martin has demonstrated an excellent proficiency for learning. He continually demonstrates a strong aptitude in confronting the unknown, gaining important and versatile life skills, as he optimistically confronts new challenges.

Martin kindly took some time to share his experiences of what it like being part of the BOOST family.

“Volunteering as a BOOST mentor is really good because I get to make new friends, have a laugh, and go out and about to different places. It’s a great experience because I like to try new things”.

“I’ve learnt how to support other people. If someone is struggling, I say ‘if you don’t want to do it, let me know, but just give it a shot!’”

The family feel of the project played a key role in Martin’s decision to continue as a mentor after his course ended. “I feel comfortable here. Nicola and Ian are great for support, and are good for giving tips”.

Martin thoroughly endorses the BOOST project, and would encourage anybody who is thinking of joining to get involved. “It’s a good adventure. You will be able to learn things, have fun, and experience things you wouldn’t normally be able to”.

For details of how to get involved with the BOOST project, or to find out more information, contact Nicola Lane on 07734 855650, or Ian Eccles on 07813 934264.

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